Mini Pliers Set 5pc Ni-Fe Finish

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. Mini Pliers Set 5pc Ni-Fe Finish .
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Price: £20.39

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Product Description



AK937 - Mini Pliers Set 5pc Ni-Fe Finish


  • Ni-Fe tools have a satin lustre from new and perform as well as they look.
  • Double dipped handle insulation gives additional comfort in use and foam finish provides a sure grip - even with greasy hands.
  • Ni-Fe tools employ high quality materials and cutting edges are induction hardened for prolonged life.
  • Ni-Fe products are covered by our lifetime warranty.
  • Professional mini pliers set.
  • Fitted with spring-loaded handles.
  • Suitable for engineering or modelling applications.


Model No: AK937
Contents: Diagonal Side Cutter 110mm, Needle Nose Pliers 150mm, End Cutter 105mm, Snipe Nose Pliers 125mm, Long Nose Pliers 125mm

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