Battery Charger Electronic 12Amp 6/12V 230V

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. Battery Charger Electronic 12Amp 6/12V 230V .
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Product Description



AUTOCHARGE12 - Battery Charger Electronic 12Amp 6/12V 230V

  • Compact electronic battery charger with pressed steel casing and carry handle.
  • Intelligent charge control and selectable 6V or 12V, slow or fast, output make this unit perfect for long term maintenance of batteries on irregularly or seasonally used vehicles.
  • Suitable for lead-acid or low maintenance batteries, charger reacts continuously to battery condition and delivers whatever charge rate is required.
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents inadvertent damage to charger.
  • An LED display confirms the status of charger and an analogue ammeter gives an accurate indication of charge rate.
  • This electronic charger can be connected to a battery for an indefinite period - the intelligent circuitry constantly monitoring the voltage and maintaining the charge level at optimum.



    Model No: AUTOCHARGE12
    Output: 6/12V
    Output Charge Peak(EN): 12A(2/8A)
    Battery Range: 20-120Ah
    Input Charge: 0.7A
    Charging Rates: 1
    Supply: 230V



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